Mr. Phomer Vs Supreme posters

Mr. Phomer has recently created something quite special, we sat down with him recently to get a breakdown on what its all about…

Last year I was walking down Brickalne and I saw the lady gaga posters and it was like a moment thing, I just trashed them and took some pics and it ended up as a hype internet thing. This year as the first ones came up in NY, some friends started to tell me to do it again, so as soon as they hitted London I just went for it, this time I got help from a friend of mine, João Retorta, who does this really good video/photography, you should check him out.

The thing is, altough it’s a vandal thing (it runs in the blood), of course it has a meaning, like all of my work. In this case it’s an obvious comment on the hype brands and culture, and the pop culture personas, like Gaga and Moss.. do I need to talk about it? There’s an interesting review that came up this last few days i think it gets it.

I’m not so much into explaining and contextualizing my own stuff, like those artists that put on a blank canvas and then write a book on it, and then you go “ohh, now it makes so much sence!” lol. I respect that, and maybe I should do the same, because I know that many times, people don´t get the concepts behind, they just look and think ” yeah, cool doodles” when almost everything I do has a message, most times personal and usually tips on how people should act and look at everyday life and challenges, luckly I have a grown audience that gets that. If you look into my work in those eyes and think a little and if you grow up on rap/punk music, street culture and sarcastic toons you’ll maybe get it too.