Toasters toasting EVERYWHERE!

On Tuesday night we went down to the first screening of Toasters film ’Everywhere’. Getting there an hour early and queuing meant a long wait, but this was worth it to receive our free toaster popcorn box.

We have always been a fan of Toasters, (especially Alex!) the simpleness and quirk that toaster has taken over the world over for the last 13 years has made us smile and follow their antics, always keeping an eye out where we might spot our next Toaster.

The film showed the Toasters (Toaster A, B and D) journey over the last decade featuring a variety of famous artists such as D*face giving thier thoughts and opinions on the toaster movement. Highlights being toasters at the Tour de France and World Cup… those toasters are everywhere!

We wont give to much away.. get down to one of the other viewings if you can, if not we’re sure it’ll be up online in the next few months. Check out the video preview of the show to wet your appetite.

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