On the wall: ©opy®ight

We recently had a chat with Copyright and found out all about him…

Introduction about yourself?
Hey my alias is Copyright, im an artist working out of Bristol, painting anything I can get my hands on.

How would you describe your work?
Kinda bitter sweet, deadly tattooed hot chicks, dripping, melancholy, pop chop Chinatown.

What is your favourite medium to work in?
Acrylic, love that shit.

How did you develop/find your own style?
Just years of practice, lots of destroyed canvases, painted over pieces, screwed up work. Eventually themes started to emerge and develop themselves. It took years tho, doesn’t happen overnight.

What/who are your biggest influences?
Love cartoons, cant unwind without watching something. Love all that comic book shop aesthetic. Love art, Audrey Kawasaki, Ben Frost, Faile, Sylvia Ji, Miss Van, Adam Neate, too many great artists to mention. Love coffee. Love Gin.

How has the internet and social media sites such as Facebook helped you as an artist?
Certainly helps me rant if ive had a crappy day.

Where would you like to see yourself in five years time?
Pretty much doing exactly what im doing right now, looking to start exhibiting more outside the UK, so something in the states would be cool.

What advice would you give to artists looking to break into the scene and develop a name for themselves?
Ive thought about this before, if anybody can be a good artist just by putting enough effort in, truth is I dunno, but to be good at anything takes passion and dedication. If your passionate enough about art youl sacrifice everything else, and practice, like every day for a few years, then see where your at.

Where can we see your work, upcoming shows?
I have a colaboration show coming up in Bristol in March with my other half Gemma Compton at the Upfest gallery. Then a joint show in London with Rone in April.

Visit Copyright’s website

4 thoughts on “On the wall: ©opy®ight

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