Tilt invades UK

We are quite new to the work of Tilt at UAM but have really grown to like his work.. Recently featuring in POWs xmas show and also annihilating the outside of Village Underground (video above) Tilt has been tearing up the streets for years. We are loving his bold lettering and vibrant colour work.. Nostalgic sexy pop, meets dirty street.. loving it!

A little about the artist… Tilt is an internationally recognised traditional graffiti artist, originating from Toulouse in South France. A self declared “graffiti fetishist”, he learned his trade in the streets and on trains as a youngster. In the time since he did his first tags on a skateboard ramp back in ’88, his ensuing career has been nourished and influenced by extensive travel. Inspirational journeys have seen Tilt exhibit and leave his mark as far and wide as the U.S.A, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Laos, Taiwan, China, Canada, Philippines, Indonnesia, Maldivians and in excess of 12 countries throughout Europe.

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