We’ve arrived…

Hi All, we’re FINALLY up and running…though do bear with us there are still a few hiccups!

We’ve been busy behind the scenes, getting the website ready and planning for our first event which is on 13th November – three weeks and counting ahhh!!!

So a quick intro for those who are new to Urban Art Movement (first off where have you been…go visit our Facebook site!) we have a passion for urban art, be that illustrations, graffti, screen printing etc if it has an urban vibe it fits the movement. As designers/artists ourselves we know the industry and how tough it is to get noticed.

We want to help provide that platform for artists across the UK, by holding “pop-up” galleries, giving you the chance to gain exposure. Alongside this we want to build a community of artists, where we can all share ideas, ask questions and gain knowledge. Naturally this an on going journey, and we have many ideas in the pipeline…

Remember you make the movement, so lets keep it growing. Spread the word…

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